Find Out How We Can Help Bring Peace to Your Team

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Find Out How We Can Help Bring Peace to Your Team

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We're the Workplace Conflict Resolution Experts! And We Offer Conflict Resolution Services | Conflict Resolution Training | De-Escalation Training | Customer Service Training

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Workplace Conflict Resolution Services We Provide

Conflict Resolution Services

Need help addressing a current conflict among coworkers/teams?

We provide workplace conflict resolution services, from large-scale systemic interventions to acute, interpersonal mediation.

Conflict Resolution Training

Need your team to be trained in order to avoid future conflicts?

We are a full-service workplace training & coaching firm that designs custom, interactive conflict resolution and communication training workshops for teams around the world.

Customer Conflict

Need a training for customer service agents for conflict resolution?

This dynamic, interactive training workshop is specifically geared toward companies whose representatives deal with customers & situations can lead to intensified conflicts.

Resolution Training
De Escalation Training

Need coaching for coworkers to better manage conflict?

We offer insights & tools to help those who may be required to handle emotionally escalated employees, coworkers, or customers.

Our Approach to Conflict Transformation

Whether through coaching, consulting, mediation, or training, PPS would love to help you, your employees, and your customers find greater peace.

Strengthen Your Organizational Culture

Productive workplace relationships can only emerge in a healthy organizational cutlure.

Increase Conflict Management Skills

Conflicts are natural. Managing conflicts effectively is not. Learning conflict management skills is imperative for productive relationships.

Improve Employee Communication

Successful organizations can only innovate with collaborative employees who communicate well.

Enhance Coworker Trust and Respect

Solid relationships in the workplace are built on trust, psychological safety, and mutual respect.

We Have Unique, 360 Degree Process

When you work with us, you’re not simply engaging with a single consultant. Rather, you benefit from the combined expertise and elite client service of a full team along every step of the change process—from design to facilitation through peacebuilding and ever-evolving organizational optimization.

Why is PPS Different Than Other Conflict Resolution Firms?

Pollack Peacebuilding Systems is led by social psychologist and conflict specialist Jeremy Pollack. Our professional consultants come from an array of backgrounds and academic disciplines, from anthropology to psychology to human resources management.

We Are Specialists, No Generalists

Our core focus is on rebuilding relationships and improving organizational productivity through workplace peacebuilding efforts. We solely concentrate on coworker relationship mediation (transformative mediation or facilitated dialogue) as well as organizational training, coaching, and intervention.

Large & Diverse Team of Experts

Our team of experts, all stemming from different backgrounds, professional experiences, and academic training. With more than 30 workplace peacebuilders, coaches, and trainers in the U.S. (and growing), PPS can scale to fit the needs of any size project.

We Stay Up-to-Date With the Latest Research

We follow the latest methodologies and practices, based on empirical research. We utilize empirically-supported best practices in organizational psychology; plus, we take methods that have traditionally been employed in international arenas & creatively implement them in organizational settings.

Peacebuilding Gets Results

“I brought PPS in to conduct customer service de-esclation training. Jeremy taught techniques and offered tips to help our team members remain calm and professional in difficult situations. He included roleplay scenarios that were particularly helpful. The things our team members learned in the workshop will benefit them in all aspects of their lives. During the workshop, I remember thinking I wish someone had provided me that training early in my career.”

General Manager at Val Vista Lakes Community Association

– Simone McGinnis,

Our Clients


“I have been working with Jeremy for over 2 years on a weekly and biweekly basis. He has helped me with my personal and professional relationships, making them healthier, more productive, and more caring. He has excellent ideas and techniques that really do work. At times they may seem counter-intuitive, but in a very short amount of time, I was having MUCH less conflict with my employees and my significant other, allowing me to create true partnerships at work and at home.”

MD at EOS Rejuvenation

– Nima Shemirani,

“As the CEO of a growing business, PPS has helped my corporation in so many ways…all of which have translated into positive factors such as elevated productivity, a more contented and productive work environment and, most importantly, a reduction of conflict and hostility. PPS gave me practical tools to manage conflict between myself and others in a way that has empowered me to become more successful in the work that I do. Without a doubt, my business has benefited from bringing PPS into the fold.”

CEO at Mastery Coding

– Alan Sitomer,

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